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What we do

  • Assist our clients to create structured and managed information management environments

  • Create user friendly intuitive information structures which enable staff to  create, use and store information and records

  • Support organisations to achieve business and legislation compliance requirements

So talk to us if you feel like your team's productivity is being held back by disorganised, duplicated or cluttered information?

We can help you:

  • Organise and structure your existing files

  • Implement a Digital workplace in the cloud

  • Get rid of your Legacy files and on prem file servers

  • Improve collaboration in the business and reduce duplication and redundancy of documents

  • Ensure compliance with regulations and policies

Let us help you free up space, reduce clutter, and boost productivity


RIM Ltd offers a large and varied number of services related to Records and Information Management.
Our practical and real world advice and guidance is designed to be simple and easy to implement.
If you don't see what you are after, please contact us to find out if we can help you.

Records and Information Management Consultancy

We specialise in a large variety of records and information management services and can provide advice, guidance and assistance with the following key areas:

Appraisal and Cataloguing to Archives NZ standard

Change Management

Classification and Taxonomy


EDRMS planning and procurement

IM/RM Maturity Assessment

PRA Compliance Assessments

Project Management

Recordkeeping Framework Development

Physical Records Planning and Relocation assistance

Retention and Disposal

Strategy Development

Talk to us today to see what else we can offer

Modern Digital Watch
Coffee and Magazines

Information Architecture for SharePoint

Designing a user friendly and efficient Information Architecture is fundamental to good user uptake of SharePoint deployments but it is also imperative in order to apply records management to all content. We can assist with the design of a compliant and user friendly IA which will embed recordkeeping seamlessly into your organisation while making it easy and intuitive for users to create, manage and retrieve content.

Implementation, Training and Change

Having a compliant framework and a technology solution that enables business success may still not achieve your information management goals. You need a well structured team, with appropriate skills who are aligned with your strategy and well versed in modern information management techniques and tools and a user base who have the right degree of training and knowledge. Let us help you with implementation of a new EDRMS or SharePoint solution and provide guidance on training and change, not only for your users but for your information management staff too. We can create training material, deliver training and change or simply assist with high level strategies on change.


Call Michele today for an obligation free discussion and proposal - 021350077 or send us an email on the form below or book a consultation now


Michele Marsburg has over 30 years’ experience in the design and implementation of records/ information systems, taxonomy and classification design and the development of metadata frameworks with specific skills in SharePoint and O365 architecture and design. Michele is a past President of the Auckland Chapter of RMAA (Records Management Association of Australasia now RIMPA) and of the New Zealand RMAA Chapter Council and an accredited professional member of the organisation.

Andrea McIntosh has over 20 years of experience in Information management, development, and deployment of BCS, Metadata and classification frameworks, business analysis, business process improvement, customer, and vendor relationship management and IT technical management gained in both the public and private sector with specific experience in local government organisations. Andrea is a past vice president of ALGIM (The Association of Local Government Information Management) and served 4 terms in this role, she is also the Convenor for the International Standards (ISO) committee TC46 / SC11 Archives and Records Management which works locally, nationally, and globally.

 Joanne Bowskill is a highly experienced change manager who specialises in storage reduction and process change and has worked for over 25 years in the change management field and specialises in the RIM records and information change process S.W.A.T. which is used to reduce paper reliance and enable a move to a more digital working environment.

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
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We are usually on site with our great clients so please make contact by sending us an email, calling or booking an initial consultation using the button below. You can also reach out on Linkedin


PO Box 284
Northland, New Zealand



021350077 - Michele Marsburg -  Lead Information Consultant

027 453 8999 - Andrea McIntosh -  Lead Information Management  Consultant

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